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by on November 13, 2020

Confidence in voting and elections are critical in a democratic republic like ours. 2020 has been a lesson in what not to do. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic legislation was passed to ease rules regarding elections. It was deemed more important that voters not be exposed to Covid at their local polling place than the integrity of the election. Well, hindsight is a funny thing, what seemed a prudent public health policy months before the election clearly became a public confidence crisis after the election.

Public health is important but confidence in the soundness of our elections is also important. Pennsylvania legislators should take this opportunity to fix these issues that left us with 2020 post election chaos. Voting by mail and early voting should be restricted to those unable to vote in person. This group would include military stationed away from home and those physically unable to make it to their local polling place. These ballots should include a signature and a witness signature. Voting in person should require ID, after all we’ve been told over and over how important the vote is and if we can produce ID to board a plane or purchase spray paint we can surely do so to vote. Cheaters will continue to seek ways to scam the system but we should not provide them with ways to make it easy.


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