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Lessons Learned?

by on November 15, 2012

The party that claims to advocate small government and guard individual liberty has an identity crisis and it is costing them at the polls.

Mitt Romney has said he lost because Barak Obama purchased his votes with promises to ethnic and special interest groups like Latinos and gays. What a surprise. This is the Democrat game and if the Republicans
play they will lose. Even when they win, they lose.

During the Bush administration, Republicans brought us expansion of Medicare, No Child Left Behind, and the Department of Homeland Security — expanding government and limiting liberty. After eight years of Bush’s compassionate conservatism, we got hope and change.

There is no reason to believe blacks, latinos, gays, and single women would not respond favorably to a message of increased personal liberty and the opportunity to keep more of what they earn.

Free market capitalism has moved more people from poverty than any centralized planning ever devised by any government. This should be an easy sell for Republicans. They should avoid pandering to traditional democrat constituencies. Democrats will always win in giving away the public treasury. What they need to do is pick off voters in those groups who are attracted to the message of economic liberty.

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